Year of Camping

Jan 3, 2013

guarding the campsite
Unfortunately, we didn’t do as much hiking with Baxter in 2012 as we wanted to. Life got busy and before we knew it, we were counting down to 2013.

enjoying the view

Towards the end of year, we did manage to make two trips to Vasquez Rocks, which is very dog friendly. Full write-up on this beautiful area coming soon. Our little mountain goat of a mutt loved scrambling all over the rocks and had no fear.

checking things out

What we did finally try with Baxter in 2012 was camping. Only two trips, both in altitudes and times of the year that it ended up being very cold for our little guy. His dachshund blood shines through whenever the temperature drops. As soon as the sun goes down, he shivers, shakes, goes straight to the tent door and wants in. But overall, he was a trooper.

beautiful view

The day hikes during the camping trips were well worth it. We learned a lot about camping with Baxter and his needs compared to our own. We hope to do a much longer trip this year better prepared (still hunting for a dog coat that actually works with Baxter’s really odd shape.)


For now, we’re kicking up our paws as we settle into the start of 2013.

Happy hiking!

- Alyse



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