Alcohol Wipes When Hiking

Dec 17, 2010

Interesting tip from Dogster:

If your dog is hot and you can’t immediately get out of the heat, it can help to pour water over his head, neck, chest, abdomen and feet. If no water is available, use alcohol wipes on the pads of his feet. Alcohol evaporates faster than water, so it has an enhanced cooling effect.

Get overheated dogs out of the heat as quickly as possible, and consult a veterinarian to ensure they recover properly. Note that alcohol can be toxic to your dog when ingested, so use it sparingly. And never put alcohol on a cut or open wound.

It’s a good rule of thumb to double the amount of water you’d normally carry for yourself to ensure you have plenty of water for both yourself and your canine hiking companion. You should never depend solely on water sources along a hike. Creeks can dry up and water fountains often break.

- Alyse


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